Accident Claim

Coverage and compensation can be complicated at times.

It is
time consuming and may affect your daily schedule due to constant follow ups.

Self Rectify

Exaggerated cash offers by unknown parties
Influenced monetary trade
Inaccurate photo angles
Unknown workmanship
Time consuming
Constant followups
Complex paper works
Renting of replacement vehicle
Personal schedule delayed
Long waiting queue
Outcome uncertainty

Professional Assistance

Recommended Merchant on 
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Legally licensed 
29 years of well-known workmanship
Quick and simple administrative
In-your-favor accident report writing
Scene sketching & detailed description
Capture important photo angles
Followups and paperwork assistance
Provide replacement vehicle (FOC)
Skip the queue
No unnecessary payment
Affiliate program / Referrals rewards
Peace of mind with certainty

Yes, you heard that right! We replaced a vehicle for your usage with zero charges so no interruption will affect your daily schedule.

Did we mention that we replaced a vehicle for you without charges while yours is under our care?

Got a friend in need? 
Introduce to us and we got both covered.

Referral rewards suitable for both car owner and non-car owner. Terms & Condition applies.